What is Germantops?

Established in 1988, German Tops has committed to sourcing the finest and most trendy surface materials and decors from Europe with and other countries with a view to offering our clients a wide array of solutions with respect to laminates, door panels, melamine faced chipboards, other surfaces and even simple furniture and their various applications. Our 6000 square feet factory space in Shenzhen also manufactures a variety of products including laminated doors, cabinets and furniture for residential and commercial space. Well-known in HK and Mainland China as one of the few premium and reliable material suppliers, we insist on uncompromising product quality and commitment to putting our clients first. We commit to offering you decors of the newest international trends with the aspiration of not being a follower, but a leader in the world of design.

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  • Germantops - Your trusted partner
  • Germantops - Your trusted partner

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