Beijing International Materials Expo

Beijing International Materials Expo



This March, we exhibited our newest colors at the Beijing International Materials Expo. The new colors revealed what has been a continuing revolving trend of retro and industrialization style, deep structures and woodgrains.
The new colors are categorized into three “worlds of color”: white, grey and black. Each world exhibits a series of different decors and textures which have been designed to create contrast with and compliment the traditional favoured colors of white, grey and black in the furniture industry. Meaning, if you are looking for a creative shade to go with a white panel, why not choose something from our Evoluzione collection? Be it grey, brown, or black, we have the right tone for you – and it is out of the ordinary!


Evoluzione, Equilibrio, Emozione. These three worlds of colour – white, grey and black – reveal a great deal of emotionality, each world a different personality.


Evoluzione depicts a cold world of white tones, the coldness further heightened by silver tones which evoke ice crystals.
Equilibrio is a relatively more balanced range of earth-coloured, warm and soothing grey tones, representing a mood of tranquilty.
Lastly, Emozione brings us a range of wide-open, bold and emotional black tones, standing in strong contrast to the other two worlds of colour.


Explore our worlds of colors and experience how they interplay to create tones and textures which we promise will touch your heart and soul.