Aluminum Framed Doors
Thin frame with door handle
Choice of color: Matt Surfac


*The product above is for Hong Kong only

1. Width minimum 200mm, Height minimum 200mm
2. Aluminum frame door height must be minimum 250mm for installation of door hinge
3. Radius of door hinge opening must be at least 100mm (from top or bottom of opening to centre of opening)
4. Pressure hinge cannot be installed if height of aluminum frame door is less than 300mm
5. All frames may be sprayed with black or white paint, surcharge applicable
6. All aluminum frames may be fitted with glass or translucent HPL, but with no specified pattern or direction of pattern
7. All aluminum frame doors may be produced with HPL (with HPL applied on 3mm plywood panels, plain white HPL applied on bottom)
8. Hardware fitting systems allowing top lock, bottom wheels (for sliding function) compatible